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Chevy Belts And Hoses

There are a number of moving parts under the hood of your vehicle, all of which count on belts and hoses to either help them move or deliver liquids to keep them lubricated and cool. Your camshaft relies on a timing belt to help it open and close the valves in time with the pumping of the pistons. Your alternator relies on a serpentine belt's assistance, as do the water pump, power steering, and more. If those belts fail, you're not going far. Then there are components that rely on hoses to help them do their jobs. The radiator, for instance, can't deliver coolant to the engine without them. Your cooling and heating system uses both, with belts running the compressor and hoses shooting the climate-controlled air through the system to your cabin.

Trust Genuine GM Belts and Hoses

Even the best belts stretch out or break. Hoses wear out from the inside, hiding the damage until they crack. If you hear strange noises or see visible indications that your belts and hoses are beginning to fail, replace them as soon as possible. The best solution is to use the original GM belts and hoses that are made to work with your model. They fit properly and are guaranteed to be compatible. Our online auto parts department has plenty in-stock and waiting to ship out. Order yours now and save!

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